“Ah-ahs” and other things kids say

Alyce calls monkeys “ah-ahs” (think the sound we say monkeys make).  Well, until a couple weeks ago she consistently referred to them as ah-ahs.  Recently I’ve noticed that she’s started saying “monkeys” some of the time – though at other times she still refers to “ah-ahs.”  This development has reminded of how fast they grow and that I really should be writing some of these things down before they’re past that phase and I forget about it.

Hence this little post.

My other favorite cute thing Alyce has started doing recently involves Alyce’s newfound understanding of laundry.  For example, yesterday she was wearing her monkey (which she specifically chose to wear) and got it all wet playing with friend’s water table.  When I told her she needed to change because she was all well, she looked at me appealing and asked “Mommy wash it for me?”  This is her new favorite line when a favorite item of clothing gets dirty – or in this morning’s case, when she peed in her monkey diaper (“Mommy wash ah-ahs me?”).  When I confirm that I will wash it for her, she replies very gratefully “Tank you Momma” – and looks so adorably happy it makes me want to hug her :).

My favorite Kelli-ism at the moment (though we may keep this one) is probably the one regarding cheese singles – the kind that come individually wrapped in plastic.  When I was a kid we always referred to this as “plastic cheese.”  When I started using this term, Kelli mispronounced it slightly so it came out “practice cheese.”  Since Don is actually quite fond of this kind of cheese I don’t think he appreciates our new name for it, personally I find it quite amusing ;).  So for now we will continue to eat practice cheese and play with ah-ahs – until the kids make another linguistic jump and come up with new cute ways to say things.

2 thoughts on ““Ah-ahs” and other things kids say

  1. To my Son and Daughter in law Don and Amy. Just wanted to let you know that i was thinking of all of you and i wll see you soon. Don Baby Micah does look like you . I am so proud of you for all that you have become, as you have a wonderful wife who cares and belives in you. GOD Bless You. Love MoM

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